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 Botingisfunny  - How to Use Tissue Salts for Weight Loss

Tissue Salts


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How to Use Tissue Salts for Weight Loss

Summer is the time when we are most sensitive to body weight issues.
Vacation is quickly approaching but you do not like what you see when you look in the mirror. If you are neither the crash-dieting type, nor the "goes to the gym but doesn’t really workout" type, then why not try something different?

Follow a healthy diet, a moderate exercise regime and for 2 or 3 months take tissue salts that will detoxify your body and will improve your metabolism. When your metabolism rate is higher, you will be able to lose more weight.

What are tissue (cell) salts?

Dr. Schuessler, a 19-th century German physician, developed the 12 tissue/cell salts.

His healing method is based on the concept that there are 12 minerals available in each cell and tissue and they are essential to body`s metabolism. When these vital tissue salts are in the correct ratio or concentration, the body is healthy. As soon as the tissue salts ratio is disturbed, cell function is impaired, resulting in illness.

Tissue salts are homeopathic dilutions of the mineral salts that our cells need to function properly. Although they are not classed as genuine homeopathic preparations, they are offered in low dilutions such as 6X and 12X.

Losing weight with tissue salts

The three tissue salts for weight loss include potassium phosphate, sodium sulphate and sodium phosphate. They are natural, safe and cost effective.

  • In the morning take tissue salt Kali phoshate (potassium phosphate) in the morning. It is a nerve tonic and it is particularly helpful in stress-related eating and for people who get irritable when on a weight-reducing diet.
  • At lunch take tissue salt Natrum sulphate (sodium sulphate). It acts as a cleanser and purifier of toxins and eliminates excessive water from tissues. It helps healthy functioning of the liver and has a mild diuretic action.
  • In the evening take tissue salt Natrum phosphate(sodium phosphate). It maintains acid-base balance, improves metabolism and digestion, and eliminates fluid retention.


Take 5 tablets of each tissue salt once daily, 15 minutes before meals.

Take this combination for at least two months.

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